Family Photography

Scott Leonard Studios has been creating beautiful Michiana family portraits to complement your home decor, through the use of color harmony, composition, lighting and design since 1985! Fine family portraits are a gift you give yourself, your family, and generations to come.

Professional family photographer Scott Leonard tells the story of your family throughout the years. Family portraits are especially important as new additions are welcomed, kids grow up, or everyone is home for a visit after they’ve finally left the nest. Extended family photos can be a lovely way to include grandparents, aunts and uncles and others in the family tree.

In studio or phone consultations are recommended prior to any session. We want you to be prepared, so that together, we can create an awesome family portrait. Clothing recommendations vary based on where the portraits may be taken, studio, home, beach or garden. Also at the consultation we will discuss locations in your home where the portrait may hang, using a variety of framing techniques to insure proper head size for your portrait. Our consultations also cover what type of portrait will fit into your décor. We often create images for a certain wall color or furniture style so your piece can look like it was made for your room. For an estate style portrait, please ask about out family portrait paintings.

Our clients usually don't fit into a "package", so everything we sell is based on what you want and what fits your needs. Pricing from $350 and up.