About Us

About Scott

Scott purchased his first camera in 8th grade and has been shooting ever since. While still in high school he started working at his first studio on a co-op program. The year 1978! After high school he moved to Houston, Texas and worked in the finest photography laboratories in the city. Today Scott credits that job as one of the most important in his career as he learned much about color, composition and design. In 1985 he started attending Southwestern Michigan College and started the studio – it was a big year. When Scott started the studio he originally had a partner, Paul Farmer.  This is how the studio was named Valentino’s, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to call the studio "Farmer Leonard Photography"! After one year Scott took on the studio himself, but he and Paul remain friends to this day.

In 2001, Scott married the love of his life - Nicole Brasseur. Today they have two children, Charlie and Cora. Nicole works in the studio, also is a full time mom, school and church volunteer and all the other stuff that is required for two children in school. Nicole's first passion is floral design as she owned and operated Brasseur Floral Studio in South Bend for nearly 10 years before her and Scott married. She loves flowers and has a wonderful eye for color and design and is always looking for new concepts in studio set design. 

Our Mission

No matter what we photograph our ultimate goal is in finding ways to use your portraiture to decorate your home. We are constantly creating new products to finish portraits for the most unique ways to be displayed. Gallery Displays, Metro Collections, Canvas Prints, Canvas Wraps, Matting & Framing are just a few ways to hang your prints on your walls. What's on your walls? The difference between a Family Portrait over your fireplace compared to a numbered copy of a painting is simple - the Family Portrait your children will fight over, the painting will get sold in the auction. I always say my wife and 2 children are my "3 Greatest Accomplishments", what are yours? Proudly display your Greatest Accomplishments today!

Why Choose Us

We specialize in fine art portraiture of babies, children, families, and high school seniors. We pride ourselves in not only capturing beautiful portraits, but in capturing the overall memorable experience. We strongly believe that each individual has a story to tell. We focus on the story behind each image by capturing the internal and external beauty of each subject. This is done by relating to our clients with sensitivity and humor.